Hi; I’m DLC. I’m a content consultant & creator, centrally located in the USA.

You have a lot of media channels to fill, and I'm here to help. 

I’m equal parts creative and business; left-brain and right-brain working together, in harmony, for all mankind. I land right in the center of the venn diagram, the sweet spot where all of the marketing goodness happens. 

I work with clients, agencies and brands to concept and deliver high-traction, shareable content. I'm experienced in raising brand awareness, promoting product roll-outs, and amplifying the culture of a company. My expertise is in content creation and content strategy. I'm especially good at building and managing teams that include writers, artists and technologists who tell stories through words, images and video.

For me, everything starts with a natural curiosity and creativity. You need an ability to look at things from a different perspective and be able to share that with your team. That's my philosophy, and a great starting point, but creative content without strategy is like flying a kite without a string. You need a plan, and you need real-world experience.

My career started in a dark editing room on a tape-to-tape video system. More than 20 years later, my diverse skill set—writing, producing, shooting, editing, motion graphics, lighting and sound design—has earned the respect of agencies, public relations firms and corporate communications departments around the country. Some of my corporate clients include GE, Honeywell and Rayovac.  

As a former adjunct professor at Columbia College Chicago and a guest lecturer at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I have taught and lectured in numerous classes, including The Aesthetics of Television, Writing for Television & Multimedia and TV Motion Graphics & Animation. When I'm not working, I'm constantly observing the world around me, looking for creative inspiration.



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